If you’ve ever worn a face mask, you might have noticed that some of them come with a thin piece of metal in the upper portion of the mask. According to the latest conspiracy theorists, this thin piece of metal is apparently a 5G antenna that the government is trying to hide inside of our masks.


Obviously that is not true, but it seems that this theory has been making its rounds on the internet. For those who are wondering about this metal strip, it is designed to better mould the mask to your face by curving around your nose to provide a better and tighter fit to prevent airborne particles like bacteria from going in.

One of the proper ways of wearing a mask is to ensure that the seal around it is tight. This is because if your mask is loose, then it kind of defeats the purpose, and the metal strip is what helps seal it. That being said, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about 5G conspiracy theories. Previously we have seen how some people believe that 5G is somehow responsible for a variety of diseases such as cancer, and more recent, some believe that the 5G cellphone towers are responsible for spreading the coronavirus.

So if you are only now noticing the metal strip in your mask, you can rest assured that these are most definitely not 5G antennas and that you should consider using them to better mould your masks against your face.

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