Netflix can be streamed across multiple types of devices and platforms, but if you’re the type of person that mainly streams on their mobile devices, then you might want to check out Netflix’s latest mobile plan which will come at a much cheaper price compared to the company’s Basic plan.


Dubbed the Mobile+ plan, it is priced at ₹349 a month, which after conversion roughly equates to $4.70. Like we said, this is cheaper than the company’s Basic plan where over in India, it is priced at ₹499 which is roughly $6.70. It should be noted that Netflix already offers a mobile-only plan in India which is cheaper than Mobile+, but it is limited to SD resolution, while Mobile+ will bump its resolution up to HD.

Given that these are mobile-only plans, it means that they will only be playable on a mobile device one device at a time. This includes smartphones and tablets. There is no support for computer or TV viewing, and for that you would need to pay for the Basic plan. However, this is a much cheaper plan that could encourage customers to sign up for it.

Unfortunately, for now it seems that Mobile+ is only limited to India and there is no word on whether or not it will find its way stateside, but given that some customers have been unhappy about Netflix’s continuous increase in price, hopefully they’ll bring this feature here to at least give customers the option.

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