Companies like OnePlus have access to your email addresses as you might have signed up to join their forums or use their services. It is generally expected that these email addresses are kept private and aren’t shared with other customers, but it looks like OnePlus has made a slight mistake on that front.


According to a report, it appears that OnePlus has accidentally revealed hundreds of their customers’ emails during a mass email that they sent out to customers. The email was for a research study and it appears that whoever sent the email, forgot to add the emails of their customers in the BCC section, thus revealing to all the recipients the emails of everyone else in the thread.

Unfortunately, there’s really not much that OnePlus can do at this point since the email has already been sent. While your email address isn’t quite as serious compared to your home address, phone number, or payment information, there are some who might try to check your email address against databases of compromised accounts to get your password.

If you were unfortunate to have been part of this email, hopefully you’ve updated your password in the recent months, if not, it might be a good time to do so, just to be on the safe side.

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