Zoom is available on multiple platforms such as mobile devices and computers, but it seems that the company wants to expand its reach and have teamed up with DTEN to create the DTEN ME, which is basically a massive 27-inch tablet that will come with Zoom preloaded onto it.

The tablet is priced at $600 which seems rather steep for a tablet that pretty much does nothing else except to support Zoom and various remote work functionality. Basically through this device, users will be able to quickly access Zoom and some of Zoom’s features like meetings, whiteboards, contacts, and will also be able to sync with your calendar and upcoming meetings.

We’re not sure who this tablet is aimed at because like we said, it’s not that hard to jump into a Zoom meeting on your smartphone, computer, or a regular tablet like the iPad. However, perhaps it could be used in office spaces or schools where it makes it easier for users to get into a Zoom conference call without having to deal with setting it up on their phones or calendars.

The DTEN ME will be the first of several Zoom hardware partnerships that the company will be exploring in the future. The company does note that they will be launching with additional partners in the near future, such as Neat Bar and Poly Studio X Series.

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