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Zoom Adds Support For Third-Party Apps
Zoom started out as a platform for video calls but during the pandemic, popularity in the use of the software rose and Zoom soon became the default for people working from home and schooling from home. For those who are still defaulting to Zoom for their productivity needs, you might be interested to learn that the company has since added support for third-party apps.

Future Zoom Calls Could Feature Real-Time Translations
Microsoft’s Skype used to be the go-to platform for video calling, but these days, Zoom seems to be a more popular choice. However, there are certain features of Skype that make it slightly more advantageous than Zoom, such as real-time translations, but that is expected to change as well.

Zoom Can Now Take Advantage Of The iPad’s Center Stage Feature
When Apple announced the new iPad Pro, one of the features of the tablet is a feature called Center Stage. This is where the front-facing camera on the iPad can “track” the user as they move around in the frame, ensuring that they are constantly being placed in the middle. Apple later revealed that Center Stage will be made available to third-party apps.

Zoom Launches Events Platform To Try And Replicate In-Person Events
As you might have heard, IFA 2021 has been cancelled. This is due to the pandemic which is still ongoing, and given that a lot of the world hasn’t been vaccinated yet, it’s still not that safe to travel or gather in large crowds. Some companies like Apple have opted for pre-recorded events, but we’re sure that many miss attending events in-person.


Zoom Wants To Make Your Teleconferences Less Boring
The way current video conferencing interfaces are designed, for the most part they’re functional. It shows who’s talking and that’s about it, which to be honest is really all we need. However, given that the pandemic has forced people to take part in more video conferences and remote studying or work sessions, Zoom has decided to shake things up.

You Could Start Seeing Zoom In Other Softwares
While Zoom has been around for a while, it was only thanks to the pandemic that the company’s services blew up and made the platform more or less the default video conferencing platform today. However, the company isn’t resting on their laurels because they have since released a new SDK that could see Zoom integrated into other softwares in the future.

Free Alternatives to Zoom That Are Privacy-Friendly
Zoom emerged as a popular video conferencing tool amidst the pandemic. It is still a decent choice to go with even with all the privacy and security concerns revolving around it.However, there are potentially better options to Zoom that are also free-to-use, and you might want to consider them for a better user experience and privacy. In this article, I’m going to mention the best free alternatives to Zoom.Top Free […]

University Lecturer Conducts 2 Hour Class On Zoom Only To Find He Was Muted The Entire Time
Now that more of us are pivoting towards working and studying from home, it means that for a lot of us, it involves learning how to use new technology and finding new workflows. In the case of a university lecturer in Singapore teaching at the National University of Singapore, it seems that he accidentally muted himself during a class and was essentially speaking to himself for 2 hours.

Zoom Added A Bunch Of New Filters To Help Spice Up Your Meetings
Staring at each other’s faces on the screen all day can be a bit boring, so if you do use Zoom to communicate with friends and family members, then you might be interested to learn that Zoom is starting to roll out a bunch of new and fun filters that will help spice up your meetings and make them a little more interesting.

Lawyer Insists He’s Not A Cat After Accidentally Enabling A Cat Filter During A Zoom Call
Legal proceedings aren’t always the most fun or entertaining, but Texas lawyer Rod Ponton’s recent Zoom gaffe certainly did help to lighten the mood. Ponton was on a video conference call with a judge when he somehow activated the cat filter in Zoom, turning his screen into a cute kitten.

Zoom Could Be Considering Launching Their Own Email Service
When it comes to email, it’s hard not to associate it with Gmail. Almost everyone has a Gmail address, even if you don’t necessarily use it, and it is one of the largest (free) email services around. Could the day ever arrive where Gmail is overtaken by someone else? Perhaps, and could that company be Zoom?

Is The Rise In Video Conference Calls Fueling The Plastic Surgery Industry?
The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the way we lived our lives. Now wearing a mask while we’re outside has become the norm, and the way we learn and work has also changed, where there is an increased focus on working and studying from home, where we rely on video calling platforms like Zoom.

Apple’s M1 Battery Claims Are Living Up To The Marketing Hype
With the new M1 chipsets that Apple has introduced to its computer lineup, apart from the promise of high-performance, one of the things that really stood out during the presentation was Apple’s claims of insane battery life. The company touted anywhere between 15-20 hours on the new 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Zoom Introduces New Ways To Deal With Trolls
While Zoom has been around a while, it is safe to say that it is only in 2020 that as a result of people being forced to work and study from home that the app exploded in popularity. Its explosion in popularity also led to people discovering many of the app’s shortcomings and security issues, many of which have since been dealt with.

Zoom Will Lift 40-Minute Limit On Thanksgiving For Free Users
While Zoom gets the job done just fine when it comes to making video calls, the company does set limitations for those who don’t pay for its services, namely when it comes to group video calls, there is a 40 minute limit per session. This means that once the 40 minutes is up, you’ll have to re-run the session to start again.

Zoom Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption For All Users
One of the features lacking on Zoom’s end was end-to-end encryption, but the good news for Zoom users is that it looks like the feature is finally here, sort of. The company has announced that they will begin rolling out end-to-end encryption in the form of a preview that all users can participate in.

Zoom Just Launched A $600 Tablet Just For Remote Working
Zoom is available on multiple platforms such as mobile devices and computers, but it seems that the company wants to expand its reach and have teamed up with DTEN to create the DTEN ME, which is basically a massive 27-inch tablet that will come with Zoom preloaded onto it.

Zoom’s End-To-End Encryption Will Now Be Available To All Users, Not Just Paying Customers
Zoom has come under fire in the past few months over certain privacy and security issues. The company then announced that they would be taking steps to beef up their security and privacy, and one of those changes would be end-to-end encryption. However, the downside is that this feature would only be available to paying customers.

Zoom’s Paying Customers Can Look Forward To Stronger Encryption Features
In the past few months, video calling platform Zoom gained a massive spike in its popularity. Unfortunately for the company, the increase in its popularity placed it under a great deal of scrutiny in which it was quickly discovered that the app had a bunch of privacy and security issues.

A Court In Singapore Just Handed Down A Death Penalty Through Zoom
We’ve seen how video conferencing apps are gaining quite a bit of steam these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many people to work and study from home. Meetings and classes are now being held through platforms such as Zoom, and over in Singapore, it seems that the courts have handed down what appears to be the world’s first death sentence through the app.