As if it wasn’t easy enough to get distracted in the classroom, we imagine that it is even easier when you’re in the comfort of your own home, your bed behind you, and with no one to even know if you’re paying attention or not. Obviously this isn’t necessarily conducive if you want to learn properly, which is why Zoom has since introduced a new Focus Mode.

According to Zoom, “Focus Mode allows educators to see their students’ videos, and students to see their teachers without seeing other class participants. With this feature, teachers can supervise their class, but students won’t be distracted by their peers’ video feeds or feel self-conscious about turning on their own camera.”

Zoom adds, “This extends into screen sharing, as the host and co-host can view and switch between each participant’s shared screen, while the participants can only view their own content. If the host finds a participant’s content should be shared with others, they can easily begin sharing the participant’s screen with others.”

The feature should be part of the most recent update to the app, so if you want to check the feature out, make sure that you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of Zoom.

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