It is largely believed that one day, many jobs could eventually be replaced by robots. This is because robots pretty much do whatever humans tell them to do. There is no slacking off, and there are no issues with robots getting tired, falling sick, or having to take leave to deal with personal issues.

In fact, it seems that one day in the future, it is possible that fighter jets could eventually replace human pilots with computers. This is thanks to the recent AlphaDogfight competition held by DARPA in which it saw an AI system designed by Heron Systems go up against a human pilot flying an F-16 plane in a simulated dogfight.

In the competition, it seems that the AI had no trouble at all against the human pilot, where it won five out of the five matches it took part in. However, there are some caveats and that is that this is a simulated environment which means that it is unclear how well the AI would do in the real world. Also, this fight was conducted in a WWII-style dogfight with forward firing guns.

This means that for now, while the aim of the AI is extremely precise, it might still take a while before it is ready for the complexities of modern warfare, so it looks like for the foreseeable future, the job of human pilots is still very much secure.

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