Cleaning the outside of your smartphone is pretty easy. Give it a wipe down and you should be more or less set. However, it is the insides of a phone that is difficult to clean, almost impossible and pretty much unnecessary, but sometimes the buildup of dust and gunk could have a negative impact on hardware.


This is why Apple seems to be exploring the idea of maybe one day introducing an iPhone that has the ability to clean itself. This is based on a patent discovered by AppleInsider where they found that Apple is suggesting a system that could help clean the sensors of a device by using ultraviolet light.

According to the patent’s description in part, it reads, “The UV light rays can initiate a photo-oxidation process, which results in decomposition of squalene. Upon reaction with UV light, squalene, shown with its chemical formula, is decomposed into three byproducts… that may not be hazardous to environmental sensors.”

It sounds like quite a complicated setup and we’re not sure if it is particularly realistic or necessary. However, given the coronavirus pandemic which has really opened our eyes even wider to the need for proper hygiene and sanitization, perhaps it’s not a bad idea. Whether or not it will actually be implemented is anyone’s guess.

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