For the past few months, Facebook has been steadily rolling out its brand new design. However, given how many years Facebook has kept its old design, we’re sure that some users do prefer it or are more comfortable or familiar with it, which is why Facebook allowed users to switch back and forth between either design.

Unfortunately, if you were a fan of the classic design, you might want to start getting used to the new one (or stop using Facebook entirely) because according to the company, the classic Facebook design will be going away permanently this September. This means that users will no longer be given the option as to whether or not they want to use the old or new design, and will be forced to use the new UI.

According to Facebook, “We’ve updated how looks. If you’re using the new, you can switch back to the classic Facebook temporarily. Starting in September, everyone will have the new design.” The new design will feature larger UI elements and more rounded corners and is essentially a more modern makeover.

While there’s nothing to dislike about it, like we said, long-time users probably will probably need a bit of time to get used to it, so if you’ve opted to continue using the classic design, maybe it’s time to switch over.

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