Facebook is used by many publishers to share links to their latest news and articles, but some publishers are behind a paywall and usually require a subscription or that users sign in. If you’re already subscribed, we imagine that this can get pretty annoying when you just want to read the news.


However, Facebook wants to change that and are testing out a way that would allow Facebook users to read news subscriptions that they pay for without the hassle of logging in. This would involve users linking their Facebook account to their subscriptions, meaning that whenever they click on a publication that requires a subscription, it will know that they are a subscriber and just direct them to the content immediately.

According to Facebook, “Early results for publishers in the product test are promising both for subscriber engagement and content distribution. In June, subscribers in our test group who had linked their subscription accounts on Facebook had on average 111 percent more article clicks compared to subscribers who were not part of the test group.”

Of course, this will require users have a subscription to these news services to begin with, but these changes will make it an improved experience for users who already do, and as Facebook points out, could encourage engagement between users and publishers.

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