At the moment, TikTok’s fate hangs in the balance. US President Donald Trump had previously sought to ban the app outright, but later had a slight change of heart where he gave the app 45 days to seek a buyer from the US to save itself. Last we heard, Microsoft is the forerunner as one of the companies that could acquire them.

While we wait to see what happens, in the meantime it seems that Instagram is gearing up to potentially fill that void as they have since announced a TikTok competitor in the form of Reels. Now, Reels was actually launched back in 2019 but it was limited to a handful of countries. However, this announcement has revealed that Reels will now be available worldwide, including in the US.

While TikTok is very established in this space, Instagram has its own set of loyal users as well. Plus the fact that it is baked into the Instagram app itself means that users won’t need to download a new app to start using Reels, which could help boost its adoption. Instagram has seen success with various “borrowed” features like Stories, so maybe the company could pull it off with Reels.

Like we said, the feature is now live so if you want to get started with Reels, simply launch Instagram, go to the Camera page and select Reels and you should be good to go.

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