Instagram recently launched a new feature that’s part of its service called Reels. This is Instagram’s version and answer to TikTok, although given that it is buried within Instagram which is already packed full of features, we imagine that it might be a bit hard for users to find out how to use it.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that for some Instagram users, it appears that the company is trying out a new design with its app, where they have replaced the Search button at the bottom navigation row for a Reels button. The idea behind it is that by placing Reels more prominently, users will be able to find it easily and make or watch videos.

Search will not be gone, obviously, and the Search button has since been moved to the top. If you don’t see these changes, don’t worry because it seems like a server-side test. Whether or not Instagram sticks with this new design remains to be seen, although this isn’t a completely unprecedented move.

Previously when Instagram launched its IGTV feature, accessing it was also placed prominently on the main page of the app, although the company later removed it. It is possible that these changes are temporary until Reels gains in popularity, or it might even become a mainstay feature, who knows?

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