There are a ton of shows on Netflix and we’re sure that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming as to what shows you want to watch. It looks like Netflix wants to help with that because according to a tweet by Turner Levison, it has been discovered that the company is testing out a new feature.

This comes in the form of a button called “Shuffle Play”, which we imagine is probably pretty obvious what it does. It will allow users to get Netflix to play random TV shows or movies that it thinks that you like, so if you’ve run out of things to watch, this could be a fun feature that will help you discover new shows that you might have otherwise missed.

Some are questioning the decision behind the feature since Netflix is an on-demand streaming service, but like we said, it can be useful in discovering new content. It will also help Netflix keep subscribers around who might have otherwise gotten a bit bored of what the service currently has to offer.

We’ve seen how streaming services like Spotify has similar features where they can playlists of songs that it generates based on mood or genre. I personally have discovered songs and artists that I enjoy and would not have discovered on my own, so while it might seem a bit of a random feature, it could be worth checking out. The feature is currently a test so not all users might see it.

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