Video calls are all the rage these days as we practice social distancing for work and school. However, there is the question regarding security of such calls, and whether or not they can be intercepted, and this is where end-to-end encryption comes in. If you’re after an app that can provide that, Telegram could be worth looking at.

This is because the company has announced that they have updated the app where it will now feature end-to-end encryption for video calls. According to the company, “All video calls are protected with end-to-end encryption. To confirm your connection, compare the four emoji shown on-screen for you and your chat partner – if they match, your call is 100% secured by time-tested encryption also used in Telegram’s Secret Chats and Voice Calls.”

For those unfamiliar, end-to-end encryption is where the data is encrypted during transmission and is only decrypted once it reaches its intended device. In Telegram’s case, they will be using emojis shown on the screen in which if they match the emojis on your chat partner’s screen, then you know that end-to-end encryption is confirmed.

Telegram is not the only company to offer such features. Earlier this year, Zoom announced that they would also be offering a similar feature. It was initially intended for Zoom’s paying customers, but the company had a change of heart and made it available to all.

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