According to the rumors, Apple is apparently looking to make the move to using mini LED display panels in devices. To date, that has not happened and Apple is currently using a mix of LCD and OLEDs from product to product (like LCDs for laptops and desktops, and OLEDs for its iPhones and Apple Watch).

However, it could now happen sooner than we thought. This is according to a note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that was obtained by MacRumors in which Kuo suggests that Apple is looking to speed up the adoption of mini LED technology in products such as the iPad and also its MacBook laptops.

The note claims that there will be at least two suppliers of mini LED technology at the start, one of which is a company called Epistar who was previously predicted to supply Apple with the displays in 2021. Then there is also Sana Optoelectronics who is said to have experienced better than expected development of the display technology, and as such will also begin supplying Apple with the displays in 2021 instead of the previously estimated timeline of 2022.

For those who might be a bit confused by the terms, LCD is what displays have traditionally used until OLEDs became more popular. One of the advantages of OLEDs over LCD is that each of the individual pixels can be illuminated, versus LCD which requires a backlight. This is why OLED screens tend to offer richer colors and also deeper blacks.

Mini LEDs can be seen as a mixture of both technologies where it is said to achieve comparable similarities to OLED without some of the drawbacks, although in the short-term, it could end up costing more.

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