Alexa’s routines feature is a pretty useful one. If you’ve ever played around with macros before, then you might be familiar with it. For those who aren’t, basically routines allow users to group together a bunch of different Alexa features and with a single command, you can run them all at once.

This means that instead of giving multiple individual commands, you can just issue a single command. The good news is that it looks like you can now share those routines you’ve created on the internet. In turn, you will also be able to find routines that others have created that you might find useful as well.

According to Toni Reid, VP, Alexa, “Routines are hugely popular among Alexa customers, and now it’s super easy to share your most useful Routines with others. So if you have a Routine that reminds you to stretch, and plays relaxing music every afternoon, you can share that with your friends. I’m excited for customers to try this feature and hope this makes their Alexa experience even better.”

Given that there are so many different possible combinations, you might now be able to find some fun and useful routines that you might not have otherwise thought about yourself, or you can also share routines you think are useful with other Alexa users too.

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