One of the advantages of purchasing digital games over physical games is that you get to download the game and have it ready to go once it is live. Typically, physical game pre-orders arrive on the day of launch itself, but there can sometimes be unforeseen circumstances that could cause a delay.

However, Microsoft wants to try and remove as many obstacles as possible because according to a discovery by Lords of Gaming writer Jerko Cilas, he has found that Microsoft could soon allow gamers to download and install Xbox games that they do not own on their consoles. What this means is that a full copy of the game will be downloaded and installed on a console ready to go once the gamer purchases it.

This also means that it will do away with install times that gamer face even when purchasing a game on disc, so for example if you’ve pre-ordered a physical copy of an upcoming game, you can actually download and install it on your console, so once the physical copy arrives, you pop in the disc and you’re good to go.

Right now it seems that this can only be done through the Xbox Android app which is currently in beta. The folks at Polygon checked the Xbox Store and could not find it themselves, suggesting that maybe this is something that Microsoft is testing out on a smaller scale first.

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