Here’s a question: would you pay a platform like Facebook to promote your posts, or should Facebook pay you to publish your posts? We suppose that answer depends on how influential you are, and over in Australia, the country’s Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) drafted a proposal that would allow publishers to negotiate with the likes of Google and Facebook to get paid for including their news and articles in their services.


Basically, it believes that platforms like Google and Facebook benefit from having these publications, and as such, these publications should get paid for their content as well. Unfortunately, it seems that this move could backfire for users in Australia who rely on Facebook for their news.

This is because Facebook has stated that should this proposal come to pass and become legislation, it would result in Australian Facebook users unable to source their news from the social media platform.

According to Facebook Australia’s Managing Director, Will Easton, “Over the first five months of 2020 we sent 2.3 billion clicks from Facebook’s News Feed back to Australian news websites at no charge — additional traffic worth an estimated $200 million to Australian publishers.”

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