For the most part, a lot of modern games are priced around the $60 mark, which can be quite expensive if you go through them quickly. However, it seems that we might need to start preparing for the new normal because with some of Sony’s PS5 titles, the company has priced them at $70. This is also applicable to games for the Xbox Series X.


When the company announced the availability of the PS5, they also revealed some titles that would be launching alongside the console and where some of them are priced at $70 instead of $60 which is what most gamers are used to paying. We suppose this is to be expected since the price of video games has risen over the years.

There are, of course, numerous factors that have led to the increase, such as inflation, cost of R&D, marketing, and so on, so like we said, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but it’s something that gamers will want to take note of anyway. Sony probably won’t be alone in increasing its prices as we expect that eventually, other developers for other platforms will most likely follow suit.

Going from $60 to $70 isn’t that big of a jump, but it will add up over the years, especially for gamers who buy and play many games, so it looks like it’s time to start preparing our wallets for the price increase.

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