Apple is set to launch their AirTags accessory soon which means that companies like Tile will have some competition on their hands. To help make Tile’s products more enticing, the company has since announced a new guarantee program in which if you can’t find your device that’s attached with a Tile tracker, they will pay you $1,000.

However, this is similar to buying insurance in that you will need to subscribe to this program in order to benefit from it. It’s called Premium Protect and will cost customers $100 a year, but basically if you cannot find your device that the Tile tracker is attached to in seven days, you will be able to claim up to $1,000 from the company.

According to Tile CEO, CJ Prober, “We’ve spent the past seven years building a finding service to address the universally shared pain point of losing everyday items. We’re so confident in what we’ve built that we’re expanding on our promise to offer our customers the ultimate level of protection. With Item Reimbursement, if we can’t find it, we reimburse you for it - it’s as simple as that.”

$100 is a lot of money to pay a year, but in case you want that peace of mind knowing that you might be able to get some money back in the event you lose your device, then this could be a plan worth checking out. More information on Premium Protect can be found on Tile’s website.

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