Microsoft had recently confirmed that its new consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S will support storage expansion. This makes it ideal for gamers who play a lot of games and who tend to keep their games around, instead of deleting them when they’re done. However, there is some bad news on that front.

This is because according to the folks at Kotaku Australia, they have spotted a listing for a Seagate Xbox Series X expansion card in which it was priced at a whopping AUD$359 (which is roughly $250 after conversion). Assuming that this price is accurate, it means that the cost of purchasing 1TB of expansion storage will cost you nearly as much as a brand new Xbox Series S console!

This is pretty expensive as far as memory expansion is concerned, but it should be noted that this isn’t a regular external hard drive. It has been created and optimized to take advantage of the Xbox’s Velocity architecture, meaning that gamers will be able to achieve the same speeds as they would the internal storage of their consoles.

This is obviously very important as read/write speeds of a drive can affect aspects of the game, so if you are planning to eventually get your hands on expansion storage for your Xbox Series X or Series S, keep in mind that these are the potential prices you might have to pay.

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