TV’s are a common fixture in the living room, but when not in use, they can sometimes look unsightly as they’re essentially a huge blank black piece of furniture. This is why companies like Samsung have designed some of their TVs to look more like art pieces so that they’re not so obtrusive.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative, LG might have the answer in the form of their rollable OLED TV which is finally available for purchase. We’ve seen the company show off its rollable display tech at events like CES, and now if you have $87,000 to spare, you’ll actually be able to get your hands on one of them.

This is the LG Signature OLED R which features a 65-inch 4K rollable OLED display. Thanks to the fact that it can roll up, it sits in a small-ish box that hides the rolled up display when not in use, and extends it upwards when you need it. According to LG, the company claims that this tech will let you experience “premium” picture quality without necessarily having to devote a particular space in your living room just for a TV.

The LG TV is currently launched in South Korea and we’re not sure if or when the TV will eventually find its way stateside, but then again at its asking price, we’re not sure if there is really a big enough market for it, at least right now.

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