We’ve all accidentally made a “butt dial” at some point in our lives where by we’ve called people without meaning to. However, have you ever accidentally “butt-purchased” anything before? Unfortunately for Dr. Ali Vaziri, he’s now on the hook for a $4,280 bill from Tesla after he allegedly claims he accidentally purchased an upgrade for his vehicle.

According to Vaziri, he claims that somehow, he might have accidentally purchased a Tesla upgrade for his Model 3 and now has to pay $4,280 for it, a bill that he is currently disputing and hoping will be resolved. Speaking to CNBC, Vaziri said, “My phone was in my jeans. I took it out, put it on this charger that comes with your Tesla and that’s it. A minute later? I got the text. I’ve never purchased anything through the Tesla app before.”

The upgrade he purchased was for the “Enhanced Autopilot” feature that would basically give drivers a more enhanced version of driver assistance features, such as automatic navigation, automatic lane changing, parking, and also the ability for users to summon their vehicles to their location.

When Vaziri contacted Tesla, they told him he could request a refund through a button in the Tesla app, but Vaziri told the rep that there was no such button. He also could not find any links to a page to process the refund request. Instead, the doctor had to ask his credit card company to perform a stop payment request.

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