There are many reasons why a car’s bumper might fall off. It usually has to do with accidents, where if you accidentally scraped the underside, it might loosen it and cause it to fall off. Or if someone hit your car or you’ve hit someone else’s car or an object. But falling off due to heavy rain? That’s a new one.

Unfortunately for some Tesla Model 3s, it appears that driving during heavy rain or driving through water puddles can cause the car’s bumper to fall off. Apparently this was an issue that some Model 3 owners noted back in 2019, but it is only recently that Tesla issued a bulletin acknowledging the problem.

According to the company, “In rare instances, certain components on Model 3 vehicles built at the Fremont Factory before May 21, 2019, might be damaged when driving through standing water on a road or highway with poor drainage or pooling water. In these rare instances, the rear fascia might detach from the vehicle and harnesses and/or body fasteners/mounts might also be damaged.”

We’re not sure how many Model 3 owners have experienced this themselves, but it is slightly disconcerting that owners may now have to keep an eye on their rear bumpers while driving during a heavy rain or when they go through a puddle. For now, this seems to only affect Model 3s built before May 21, 2019, after which Tesla is said to have changed the rear fascia diffuser that should address the problem.

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