Over the years, Netflix has been steadily increasing the price of its plans, and if you’re currently subscribed, you might want to take note of the new prices that will be going into effect. However, this price hike will only apply to the Standard and Premium subscriptions of Netflix, while the Basic plan remains the same.

According to Netflix, the price hike will see the Standard Plan, which offers HD streams and allows for simultaneous streaming on up to two devices, will now cost $14 a month. This is a $1 increase from before. As for the Premium plan, which allows for up to four devices at once and also streams in UHD, that will now cost $18 a month, which is a $2 increase from before.

Like we said, the Basic plan remains the same at $9 a month, which is limited to just one device and does not offer streams at HD or higher. Taking a look back at Netflix’s prices over the years, it was about five years ago when Netflix’s Standard plan was priced at $10, which essentially means that the company has increased its price by about a dollar a year.

To be fair, Netflix has been investing heavily in producing original content like TV series and movies to better compete with the onslaught of streaming services we’re seeing in the market today.

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