Pretty much all cars have some kind of alarm system that will go off when someone tries to break into your car, but if you can’t hear it, then that’s just too bad. However, with smarter cars like Tesla, its security system is obviously a lot more comprehensive, something that these thieves probably did not anticipate.

According to Australian radio host Annabelle Brett, she was notified one day that her Tesla Model 3’s Sentry Mode had been activated. For those unfamiliar, Sentry Mode is a security feature in Tesla’s cars that basically activates the car’s 360-degree external cameras and captures footage around it, so that you can see what’s going on in the event someone’s trying to break into your car.

Sure enough, Brett discovered some people trying to steal her car but thanks to the feature and also the ability for Tesla owners to track their car, she saw where the thieves were headed and took her friend’s car to follow them while calling the police. Little did the thieves know, Tesla cars can be remotely controlled to a certain extent, and Brett decided to take the opportunity to troll the thieves while waiting for the police to catch up.

According to Brett, “On my car phone app, you can actually see where the car is. We noticed that it was just around the corner so without thinking, I jumped in the car, called the police… and just basically followed them on the map. My phone app has the ability to slow down the car and also mess with it a bit, so I was able to put the windows down, beep the horn and basically screw with them as they were driving it.”

The thieves were eventually spooked and ditched the car and ran for it, but one of them dropped their driver’s license in the car which allowed the police to track them down on the same day.

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