Image credit – Jody Poole

We do a lot of things we probably shouldn’t do when we’re drunk. We also do a lot of things we shouldn’t do the next day we’re hungover, and we’re sure that all of us probably have a funny story or two to tell, like in the case of a woman from Toronto who woke up hungover the next morning and used Uber Eats to order two packets of ketchup from McDonald’s.

As McDonald’s allows customers to customize their orders to suit their tastes or needs, such as adding extra pickles, or holding the cheese, it seems that this woman in her hungover state decided she was in the mood for ketchup. It is an odd order but unfortunately an expensive one as well, since she had to pay the full price for the burger even if she decided to hold the bread, mustard, onions, pickles, and the burger patty.

Speaking to blogTO, the woman’s husband said, “My wife was hungover this morning and thought ordering a McDonald’s hamburger would help. Shes the type of person to modify a classic ‘no pickles, no onions, etc’ so she ended up ordering this. They literally sent us 2 packs of ketchup!”

We’re not sure if the person taking the order thought it was strange but proceeded with the order anyway, or if this is something that they’ve probably seen before, but what’s your funniest hangover story?

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