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YouTube is smart in the sense that it can detect your internet connection and based on that, it will automatically adjust your video quality to ensure that your stream does not get interrupted. However, we get that some users don’t actually enjoy this feature as they might want to set a higher quality setting by default, or a lower quality setting by default.

The good news for those who actually might want this feature is that it appears that the YouTube mobile app is now giving users the option of choosing their default video quality setting. YouTube is making it easier for users to understand the differences too by removing numbers like 480, 720, 1080, and so on, which might not be familiar to some users.

Instead, the company is giving users the option of choosing from a “data saver” option which streams between 144p to 480p, or a “higher picture quality” option that streams 720p or above, although we’re not sure if users can set it so that it only streams 1080p or if it automatically chooses 720p or better.

Users can also choose different settings depending on their connection, for example if they’re on cellular data, they can choose to automatically set all videos to stream in “data saver” mode, or if they’re on WiFi, they can opt to have it stream at higher quality by default.

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