Apple is expected to officially unveil their new Apple Silicon-powered Mac computers tomorrow, or at least some of the lineup. There are many questions that users probably have about the upcoming computers, like app compatibility and availability, performance, and also how much these computers could cost.

Apple’s computers have never really been known to be “cheap”, but according to JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee, he claims that it is possible that with the shift to Apple Silicon chipsets, the company could ultimately reduce its bill of materials, which could also lead to a reduction in the price of its computers.

Right now, Apple relies on Intel for its processors in its computers, which means that they have to pay a third-party company for components. By producing it themselves, or rather working with companies like TSMC, Apple could effectively bypass the middleman and Chatterjee believes that it could reduce BOM by as much of $75.

Exactly how much savings will be passed down to consumers remains to be seen, but a cheaper Mac lineup could help boost the growth of Apple’s Mac lineup, which in turn could encourage developers to develop for a larger platform. Either way, it remains to be seen how much these new Apple Silicon Macs will cost, so check back with us tomorrow for the details.

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