Not too long ago, Google introduced a bunch of new icon designs to its various products and services like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. These new icons are meant to help create a more unified look across Google’s services, but many have expressed their unhappiness with the design.

This is because the designs all ended up looking the same in terms of color scheme and to a certain extent, its shape. This made it harder to distinguish between the services, while some also felt that this resulted in a loss of character. However, the good news is that it looks like product designer Claudio Postinghel has a solution for that in the form of a Chrome extension.

Postinghel has created a Chrome extension that will bring back the classic icons prior to the change. However, the extension only affects the icons in your Google tab. It doesn’t actually change the icons themselves, but if you were having trouble identifying the services based on the tab icons, this extension could help.

This only works on the desktop version of Chrome, and for those who are using non-Chrome browsers, Postinghel has stated that he’s working on an extension for Firefox as well. If you are interested in checking out this extension, you can download it via the Chrome Web Store.

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