While Disney might have been a bit late to the streaming game, the company is certainly catching up rather quickly. According to the latest figures in terms of subscribers, it seems that Disney+ is currently sitting at a total of 73 million subscribers as of October 2020, an impressive growth given that the service launched just last year.

In fact, it seems to be growing rather quickly because it was back in August that the company claimed to have 60 million subscribers, so for them to grow by more than 10 million subscribers in the past couple of months is certainly no easy feat. To make it even more impressive, Disney+ is still not available worldwide yet, meaning that we can expect those numbers to grow possibly by leaps and bounds when it does eventually make its way around the world.

According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, “The real bright spot has been our direct-to-consumer business, which is key to the future of our company, and on this anniversary of the launch of Disney+ we’re pleased to report that, as of the end of the fourth quarter, the service had more than 73 million paid subscribers – far surpassing our expectations in just its first year.”

To give you some context, Netflix is still pretty much the leader in terms of subscribers where last we checked, they were sitting at over 190 million subscribers, so Disney+ certainly has quite a long way to go before they catch up, but at the rate of growth, we wouldn’t be surprised if they did in the next few years.

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