A lot of us use software that we don’t fully know how it works, and that’s fine. It would not be possible for us to know everything, but sometimes, some malicious hackers and developers take advantage of our ignorance to try and slip in code that shouldn’t be there that could be used to steal information or track users unknowingly.


This is something that Google is hoping to curb as they have announced that come January 2021, they will be putting into effect a new policy that will effectively require that developers who create extensions for Chrome will have to be a bit more transparent with how the data of its users are being used.

According to Google, developers will be required to disclose information such as the nature of the data that is being collected from users. They will also be required to have certification that says that they will comply with the new Limited Use policy.

Google says, “Protecting users and their data is a fundamental aspect of the work we do on Chrome. Last year, as part of Google’s Project Strobe, we announced an important set of policies for extensions to protect users and their data. These policies require extensions to request only the permissions needed to implement their features. Additionally, we required more extensions to post privacy policies and handle user data securely.”

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