The last time Apple refreshed its iPad Pro was earlier this year where they introduced a LiDAR scanner to the tablet which eventually made its way to this year’s iPhone 12s. This means that the next refresh will most likely take place in early 2021, and it seems that one of the upgrades we can expect comes in the form of a mini LED display.

It has long been rumored that Apple could be looking to make the switch to mini LED displays in its products like the iPad. For those unfamiliar, mini LED can be seen as a more advanced form of LCD and despite its name, should not be mistaken for a variation of OLED, although it does borrow some concepts from OLED.

Traditionally, LCD screens rely on a backlight to help illuminate the pixels. The drawback to this is that the backlight can bleed over to other pixels, which is why blacks on LCD screens aren’t as deep compared to blacks on OLED screens, where the pixels are individually turned on or off. Mini LEDs borrows the concept of individually managed pixels, but has the potential to be brighter and easier to produce.

So far Apple has only applied OLED displays to its iPhones, the Apple Watch, and the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Many have been wondering if it will eventually come to the iPad, but it seems that Apple might skip OLED for the iPad and go straight to mini LEDs. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but we are curious as to how an iPad Pro with a mini LED display could look like.

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