Last time when it came to choosing an Apple computer, there were so many factors to consider such as which Intel processor to get, which GPU to get, how much RAM do you need, and so on. This was further complicated by Apple’s lineup where not all models had similar specs, like if you wanted a discrete GPU and a desktop form factor, you could only choose between the iMac, iMac Pro, or the Mac Pro.

Now thanks to Apple’s M1 chipsets, they have certainly simplified the process and perhaps it is this move that has helped Apple cinch the number one spot in Japan for desktop PCs. This is according to Japanese analysis firm BCN Retail, who claims that thanks to the M1 Mac mini, Apple now owns 27.1% of the Japanese desktop PC market.

Prior to this, the company had a 15% market share and was vying with Lenovo for third place, but the firm notes that they noticed a surged in Apple computer sales ever since the new M1 Mac computers were launched, catapulting the company to the number one spot as far as desktop PCs are concerned.

While Mac computers don’t exactly dominate the computing scene, the new M1 Macs certainly seem to give customers pause, especially when all the reviews have been excellent where many cite the long battery life and performance compared to Apple’s Intel Mac computers in the past.

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