Many praises have been heaped upon Apple’s new M1 computers, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely immune to problems. In fact, according to multiple user reports, it appears that some M1 Mac Mini users are having some connectivity issues when it comes to Bluetooth devices pairing with the computer.

This issue has been documented on various platforms like Reddit, where the thread starter says, “I am using the Logitech Mx keys keyboard, and MX Master 3 mouse. On the very first boot, it would not recognize the keyboard or mouse as available to pair via Bluetooth. I resorted to a wired keyboard and mouse to get through setup. After that I was able to pair both, and they work great. However any time I reboot the machine, I can’t log in because the keyboard and mouse are not connected. Using the wired keyboard lets me log in, and then the bluetooth keyboard and mouse start working again.”

This issue has also been experienced by YouTuber Patrick Tomasso who documented his issues in a video uploaded to the platform. He claims to be experiencing similar issues, where his Bluetooth devices would pair with the computer, but they would lose their connection every now and then.

Apple has yet to officially recognize the issue, so at this point in time, it is unclear if we’re talking about a software problem or if it could be a hardware issue, but hopefully it isn’t too widespread and it is a software issue that can be easily fixed with a patch.

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