By introducing MagSafe, a magnetic wireless charging system, Apple has certainly introduced an interesting way of creating accessories for the iPhone. So far in terms of official accessories, Apple has created cases and also a wallet accessory that magnetically clips onto the back of the iPhone, allowing users to store things like cards.

However, the concept is rather interesting because it opens the door to other potential accessories, which designer Park Ortolani has mocked up in the form of a MagSafe Battery accessory. This is essentially a battery pack for the iPhone where similar to the wallet accessory, this too also clips onto the back of the iPhone, allowing it to provide additional battery for the iPhone.

Apple is no stranger to battery cases, but what makes this interesting is that it is a modular accessory, meaning that users who don’t want the bulk of a battery case can choose to remove the battery module, only attaching it when needed. Wireless charging power banks are also not a new concept, but since they don’t attach to the iPhone, it isn’t quite as convenient as this concept.

We’re not sure if Apple themselves will actually make such an accessory, but we don’t see why other third-party accessory makers won’t follow suit. Given that battery life on the new iPhone 12 appears to be less than satisfactory, perhaps this could be an accessory that users can appreciate.

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