It is widely expected that electric cars will become the new standard in the future moving forwards. This is due to the emphasis placed on reducing the use of fossil fuels, and cars that don’t rely on it are expected to become more common in the future. In fact, the UK might try to speed the adoption of electric cars up.


According to a report from the BBC, they claim that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson might bring forward the country’s plans to ban the sale of fossil fuel vehicles. The UK had originally planned to put this into effect in 2040, but the report claims that the Prime Minister might announce plans to bring it forward by an entire decade, which means that it could come into effect in 2030.

This doesn’t mean that fossil fuel powered vehicles will no longer be used, but rather if you were to buy a new car in 2030 or beyond, your choices will be pretty much electric only. We’re not sure if this change could ban the sale of second-hand fossil fuel cars. However, current owners of fossil fuel cars will most likely be allowed to continue using them and refuel them as it would be impossible to ban the use of these cars this soon.

In the meantime, electric cars are starting to become more common, with more carmakers announcing their plans to start shifting focus to electric vehicles, with some expecting to shift completely to electric vehicles in the future.

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