Every year since 2010, YouTube has put out a “Rewind” video towards the end of the year. Basically, the video acts as a recap of everything that has happened in the entire year, highlighting some of the best or most interesting events that took place. Sometimes it misses the mark, but YouTube has been quite consistent with releasing such videos.


Unfortunately, given how terrible 2020 was, it seems that YouTube doesn’t think that 2020 warrants its own Rewind video. In a message they shared on Twitter, YouTube said, “2020 has been different. It doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t. So, we’re taking a break from Rewind this year.”

2020 has been quite bad given the coronavirus pandemic that has infected millions of people around the world. It has also led to the deaths of over a million people as a result, and also resulted in businesses being forced to either shut down or to lay off their workers, so obviously, there isn’t really that much to celebrate, which is why YouTube decided that maybe it might not be a very appropriate thing to do.

That being said, hopefully 2021 will be a much better year, and with various vaccines in development, here’s hoping that next year will see our lives return to some semblance of normalcy.

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