Apple’s products have never really been known to be cheap, and neither are the company’s official accessories, even though there are better options in the market. Unfortunately if you are planning to buy Apple’s brand new AirPods Max headphones, then you might want to take this cost into consideration.

It would seem that in the event you might need a new pair of earpads for the headphones, be prepared to pay $69 for the replacements. This is by no means cheap, although unfortunately due to the design of the AirPods Max and also given how new it is, it means that customers will have no choice but to purchase an official set of earpads, at least until we start seeing third-party manufacturers make them.

To be fair, other headphone manufacturers also charge pretty high when it comes to replacing the cushions of the earpads. But in some cases, like Bose, there are actually plenty of third-party alternatives that are a fraction of the price, so customers can always opt for that instead.

In any case, it remains to be seen if the AirPods Max might result in other companies creating accessories and after-market solutions for it. In the meantime, the AirPods Max is priced at $550 and is currently available for purchase.

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