Apple’s iPhone 12 comes with support for WiFi 6, but it seems that the next-gen iPhone, presumably known as the iPhone 13, could come with support for a slightly newer version of WiFi 6 called WiFi 6E.

For those who are unfamiliar with the difference, basically WiFi 6E is the same as WiFi 6 and shares all the same benefits and advantages over older version of the standard. However, one of the newer features is that it can extend into the 6GHz band, meaning that it can go beyond the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands that can result in increased bandwidth and less interference for devices that support WiFi 6E.

It is expected that this could unlock the potential of more devices and industries, such as AR and VR and other wearables, or at least that’s the opinion of Vijay Nagarajan, an executive at chipmaker Broadcom, who in January said, “The 6 GHz band will perhaps be the most disruptive boon for Wi-Fi users in the last 20 years. This swath of spectrum, when coupled with Wi-Fi, will power new consumer experiences on smartphones, AR/VR devices and wearables we haven’t even yet invented.”

While it might be a bit early to think about the iPhone 13, it is rumored that Apple is expected to return to the September/October launch schedule for the 2021 iPhones, and that in addition to WiFi 6E, it could also come with 120Hz displays.

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