Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is one of the most detailed and realistic flight simulation games we’ve seen. However, the problem with the game is that despite the attention to detail and the high-res graphics, it still doesn’t quite feel like you’re flying an airplane, but the good news is that you’ll get the chance to now.

Microsoft has announced that in the latest update to the game, Flight Simulator will now be playable in virtual reality through various popular VR headsets. This includes headsets made by Valve, Oculus, and HTC, so all you’ll need is a copy of the game or the latest version of the game if you own it already.

According to Microsoft, “The flight sim community has been a very active and insightful partner in shaping how the team approached VR, and continues to be a critical partner in our continued development as we make further improvements and add new features to the simulation. Adding VR to Microsoft Flight Simulator was a direct result of community feedback, and we look forward to continued involvement in the future of the franchise with us.”

Now we haven’t tried it ourselves yet in VR so we can’t speak to how it feels, but VR does help create a more immersive effect so if you’re looking to take your experience to the next level, then this update is for you.

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