Pretty much all around the world, it is more or less the law to have ingredients in a food item listed on its label when it is sold in places like a supermarket. This is to help consumers make more informed decisions, like choosing food items that have less sugar, lower calories, while also helping them identify things that they might be allergic to.

However, these labels are usually very small and can be rather condensed, making it difficult for you to see. Thanks to an app called Soosee, it will do all the heavy lifting for you, and all you need to do is launch the app, point your phone’s camera at a food label, and it will scan it for you and tell you which things that you should avoid.

According to the app’s description, “Soosee helps you quickly scan ingredient lists for words you want to avoid. It includes more than 30 categories for common allergies, a vegan lifestyle, pregnant women, high environmental impact, additives, health and more! Point your camera at an ingredient list and words you have enabled are highlighted instantly.”

This could be useful and more efficient compared to standing in a supermarket aisle trying to read the tiny list of ingredients and be confused by the range of ingredients. It’s actually a pretty useful tool, at least on paper, but if you’re interested in giving it a shot, it can be found on the App Store.

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