If you’ve ever watched an a capella group perform, you know how impressive it can get. The sound effects made purely using the human voice is almost unbelievable, but yet they manage to do it. In fact, if you’re looking for a good example of an a capella group in action, then check out the video above.


The video above features a Korean a capella group who call themselves MayTree. The video shows them recreating the various Windows sound effects over the years, ranging from different versions of the Windows operating system, to various system sounds and alerts, all with astonishing accuracy and detail.

In fact, we would even go as far as to say that this performance actually sounds a lot better than the actual sounds in Windows itself! If you have about a minute to spare, then this video is definitely worth your time. To be honest, most of us never really pay that much attention to the sound effects from our computers. We’ve most likely learned to tune them out over the years of constantly hearing them non-stop.

Perhaps Microsoft might be interested in hiring them in the future because who wouldn’t mind if their Windows sound effects sounded as good as this, right?

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