Activision Blizzard recently announced that they would be folding Vicarious Visions, one of its development studios, into Blizzard, the company behind popular franchises like Warcraft and Diablo. Now it seems that one of the projects that the team will be working on is apparently a remake of Diablo 2.

We want to point out that this is not the first time we’re hearing about this. Back in May 2020, there was a report that a Diablo 2 remake was on the cards, and now this new report from Bloomberg is corroborating it, although it seems that the remake will fall under the responsibility of Blizzard’s Team 3, who is also responsible for the company’s upcoming Diablo IV.

The report also claims that prior to Vicarious Visions being folded into Blizzard, the studio was actually actively supporting Team 3’s efforts in remaking Diablo 2. The original development of the remake was under the purview of Team 1, who was behind the Warcraft III: Reforged project, but the team has since been dissolved which might explain why Diablo 2’s remake has been given over to Team 3.

That being said, back in 2019, it was revealed by Diablo’s creators that they did not think a Diablo 2 remake was possible. This is because hard drives containing a lot of the game’s source code and assets were lost, which meant that if a remake were to happen, Blizzard would essentially have to build the game from ground up.

Blizzard has not confirmed anything yet, but if it is true, then gamers have a lot of Diablo-related content to look forward to in the coming years, such as Diablo Immortal and also Diablo IV.

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