Let’s face it, the AI used to control NPCs in video games aren’t exactly very smart, but then again, maybe they were never meant to be that smart to begin with. Typically, NPCs in video games are just used to advance the storyline or sell players items, so we guess there was never really a need to make them very smart.

However, it seems that Take-Two could be thinking about changing things up a bit, which has led to speculation that maybe this could be used as one of GTA 6’s features (Take-Two is the parent of Rockstar who is the developer behind the GTA franchise). This is thanks to a patent that was recently discovered and shared on Reddit.

The patent in question is for a “system and method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment”. Basically it describes a patent that will attempt to make NPCs in the game feel a bit more organic and natural. For example, in the real world, people walk at different speeds, people drive at different speeds, and everyone is doing something different.

The patent basically wants to replicate that effect, instead of having NPCs follow a set script which according to Take-Two, feels a bit “limited”. This means that each NPC could have their own individual personality which could make things interesting. While the patent does not explicitly mention GTA, there are references to a “high-speed chase” and “ambient traffic”, which led to some speculating that maybe it could be used in a future GTA title.

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