As some of you know, Tesla has been expanding their offerings beyond electric cars and have also started to sell its Solar Roof system. While solar panels installed on roofs aren’t new, Tesla’s solution offers up a more aesthetic solution where the Solar Roof tiles are designed to look like regular tiles so that they blend in better.

This is important as it might encourage homes and establishments to take up Tesla’s offer, which the ChoZen Retreat in Florida has recently done. In fact, according to Tony Cho, the co-founder of the retreat, he has completed what he claims is the largest installation of the Tesla Solar Roof to date, where it pretty much covers the entire rooftop and offers 44kW of power.

Prior to this, the largest installation of a Tesla Solar Roof system managed 24kW of power, but it looks like the ChoZen Retreat has that beat. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has since chimed in on the tweet, claiming that it is one of the “best Tesla Solar Roof installations” he’s seen. Of course, the cost of the installation probably did not come cheap, but generally speaking the idea of moving to solar energy is to be more self-sustaining, and in the long run it is expected to pay off.

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