When it comes to sustainable energy, one of the ways of going about that is to use solar energy to bring power to a home. Companies like Tesla have also created devices like the Tesla Powerwall, which takes excess energy that the solar panels might have gathered and stores it, which can then be used for emergencies.

However, the batteries that the Powerwall uses are lithium-ion batteries, which have their own issues, and a company in Australia called Lavo is hoping to introduce hydrogen-based batteries instead. The company has debuted the world’s first energy storage system cabinet that will store excess energy as hydrogen.

By using hydrogen, the system is capable of storing 40 kilowatt-hours worth of energy, which is enough energy to keep a home powered for two days, while also being able to store as much as three times that of Tesla’s Powerwall 2, the company’s latest energy storage system. However, the drawbacks is that Lavo’s system is massive, where it measures 66 x 49 x 15.7 inches, and weighs a whopping 324kg, meaning that you’re going to need to have enough space to keep it around.

It also costs quite a bit at around $26,900, which interestingly enough is three times the price of the Powerwall, at least over in Australia. However, the company claims that they will be dropping the price in the last quarter of 2022, where they plan to bring the system to more countries globally.

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