Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars have been around for a while now, but it seems that after all this while, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is asking the company to recall both vehicles from the roads. This is apparently due to issues with the cars’ display, backup camera, window defogger and defroster, and more.

As our cars become smarter and are equipped with fancier technology, it means that its reliability has also been affected as there are more components that are intertwined together. For example, with various users report issues with the display in their cars, it means that they are no longer able to access or control certain features of their cars, like the inability to monitor speed, control the climate, and so on.

According to Jake Fisher, senior director of testing at the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center, “With modern cars like Tesla, the center screen controls a lot more than the radio. The large display provides access to many key safety systems, including the rear camera, heater, and defroster. Reliance on these displays will only increase as this trend continues.”

Tesla has yet to officially respond to the request to recall their vehicles, but it is estimated that about 158,000 vehicles could be affected by the recall if it were to happen.

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