While Sony used to dabble in handheld consoles, Microsoft on the other hand has pretty much held out from doing so, although we suppose if they had managed to acquire Nintendo, that would be a very different story. However, what if Microsoft were to launch a handheld console, what might it look like?

Thanks to TikTok user, ImKashama, he has created a concept video in which he imagines what a handheld Xbox console could look like. Dubbed the Xbox Series Z, presumably a play on the current naming scheme Microsoft is using for their current-gen consoles, it shows a handheld console with a rather large display and built-in controls.


The concept device itself looks like one of those netbooks that were popular back in the day, so it looks pretty portable. The fact that it packs such a large screen is something we can appreciate. It also sports two collapsible joysticks. That being said, we should point out that Microsoft has entertained the idea of a handheld console in the past.

In a 2016 article from IGN, it was revealed that Microsoft had considered launching their own handheld console multiple times. However, the console never came to fruition as the company was too focused on its other console projects. We’re not sure if Microsoft will ever revisit the idea again, but if it looks anything like ImKashama’s concept, we’re in.

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