The iOS App Store is more or less a free market. Developers are welcome to price their apps however much they want, although for the most part a lot of apps tend to be priced roughly within the same range to try and keep themselves competitive. However, every now and then, you come across an app that is priced higher than others.

Now according to a report from 9to5Mac, it seems that Apple will be cracking down on apps that have “irrationally” high prices. This isn’t to say that Apple wants to control the prices of apps, but rather this is part of Apple’s strategy to try and reduce the amount of scam apps that have been appearing in the App Store.

These scam apps tend to pose as legitimate apps but trick users into paying for high priced subscriptions. In an email obtained by 9to5Mac, they saw a rejection letter from Apple to one developer where the company rejected the app as the prices of the in-app subscription was too much for what the services actually offered. The company even went as far as calling those prices a “rip-off to customers”.

While Apple has long had such rules in place based on the App Store Review Guidelines, it seems that they are now more actively enforcing it, but either way it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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